We specialize in filters and related devices, however, if it is passive, bilateral RF/microwave expertise you need, we can provide it.

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C-Band 4 Port Freq. Reuse Diplexer     Waveguide Bandpass Filters    Waveguide Low Pass Filters     TMA Cavity Filter Diplexer     Electroformed Interdigital Cavity Filters

Low Cost Suspended Substrate Filter     I7 C-Spot Feed and Freq Reuse Diplexer     Compact X-Band Diplexer     Extended C-Band Waveguide Diplexer     Microelectronic IF Filter

Circular Polarization 4 Port Freq. Reuse Diplexer     X-SAR RF Accessories     Microelectronic Receiver RF Section     40 GHz Point to Point Transceiver     40 GHz Point to Point Transceiver

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